On the Prowl

Ever get the feeling while walking in the woods that something might be stalking you? Well, your Spidey senses may not be wrong …

When I encountered this lynx crouched outside an Arctic ground squirrel den, it briefly turned its attention to me, stalking closer before hunkering down.

A little closer … slowly …

The lynx eventually grew bored with me — I’m pretty sure the above is an eye roll.

And soon it was off to stalk squirrels.

What was that? Curious kitty will find out.

Up and over the bank, not to be seen again.

4 thoughts on “On the Prowl

    1. Thanks Kaya! Although it’s a little unsettling to watch a lynx stalk you, they’re not a general threat to people. I think this one was more curious than anything. It certainly was a treat to see one of these secretive wild cats!

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  1. I think photographers AND hunters need a little luck. Wow! That you could get so close to that cat. Was it on the Hillside? Looks like dwarf birch, and willows. Any bunnies there? 🙂 Awesome photos! Glen

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    1. Thanks Glen! Yep, I was up in the park. Cat was actually lurking in an Arctic ground squirrel colony. It was a target-rich environment so I imagine he ate well that evening.


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