Encounter with the Night Stalker

I’ve taken forever to update this page, but have been very busy with wildlife photography and outdoor writing. Finally, with winter settling in and days growing shorter it’s a pleasure to ease back into office work.

Thought these images of a lynx I encountered on Sunday might be a good place to start. It was a big, heavy-set tom – eye candy to anyone who enjoys watching wildlife – and a more-than patient photography subject. Lynx are not uncommon in Southcentral Alaska, but are infrequently seen because they hunt mostly at night. Also, the cats tend to travel in heavy cover and their gray-to-tawny coats blend in perfectly with forest backgrounds.

To see more of my wildlife photography and some of my published magazine articles, check out my website at www.wildcountryreflections.com I sell prints there and plan to update the page soon with new, previously unpublished photos, and new purchase options.



2 thoughts on “Encounter with the Night Stalker

  1. Hi Ken;

    I can’t remember my wordpress passwords, very frustrating, they have too many hoops to deal with, but I can certainly see what you are doing, I just can’t comment. I am still writing my quarterly Boreal Forest Newsletter for UAF Cooperative Extension, a couple of RREA Forestry blogs and facebook posts each month for CES

    My blog and RREA portals are: The RREA blog – [ https://uafrreaforestry.wordpress.com/ | https://uafrreaforestry.wordpress.com/ ]

    The RREA Forestry webpage – [ https://www.uaf.edu/ces/naturalresources/rrea/ | https://www.uaf.edu/ces/naturalresources/rrea/ ]

    My email there at UAF is [ mailto:ggholt@alaska.edu | ggholt@alaska.edu ]

    Best Regards, Glen Holt CES Outreach Forester

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    1. Howdy Glen! Hey, I just checked out your blog post about protecting trees in yards from winter moose. Good stuff! We have rhododendrons (which moose seem to love) that I protect each winter with a chicken wire screen. It goes up every Labor Day and comes down for the summer on Memorial Day. It’s very effective, and absolutely necessary to keep the rhoddies from being devoured. Hope all is well for you and yours. Thanks for checking in. Happy holidays!


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