The arrival of this newborn moose calf on May 23, 2022, marks a seasonal milestone in Southcentral Alaska. Anecdotally, state biologists in Anchorage consider May 25 the peak date for local moose-calf births, though newborns will continue to arrive through early June. New mothers can be hyper-protective and wise photogs and woods-people give them plenty of space.

The best advice is to stay alert in the woods this time of year to avoid accidentally bumping into cows with new calves. In the event you find yourself charged by an 800-pound cow moose, run! Moose aren’t predators like bears so running doesn’t cause predatory instincts to kick in. If anything, running away indicates a healthy respect for those lethal flying front hooves. Try to put a tree or car or something big between you and the moose.

Bear or moose bells don’t necessarily work to frighten off cows with wobbly-legged newborns. Rather than depart, cows this time of year often stand their ground to protect helpless calves. Keep your dogs close – preferably on a leash – as dogs fleeing charging moose have been known to bring raging cows back to their owners.

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