A Snow Flurry in Shorebird Heaven

There were more birds than I could reliably identify. Godwits, dowitchers, sandpipers of several varieties. Also, plovers of at least a couple types: Some tiny semipalmated and what I believe was a lone black-bellied. Of course, present, too, were yellowlegs great and small.

The birds appeared singly, in pairs, and in flocks that whirled like dry leaves caught in a dust spout. The larger birds called and cried out while the tiniest ones – some rivaling hummingbirds in size – peeped urgently.

At the end of the day with the tide edging in fast, I was taking it all in, thankful to be in that place at that very moment, when a flurry of snow geese swept over and past, honking and flapping. It was a good place to be, that Shorebird Heaven. And I think I’ll be going back.


2 thoughts on “A Snow Flurry in Shorebird Heaven

  1. Oh my lord

    Ken, you are one of my favorite human beings.

    I might have sent you this previously. This is a song my kid wrote son years ago.

    Dylan. He’s 20 now. He’s a nurse.


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    1. Well, thank you, Lee! Maybe our appreciation for wildlife and birds had something to do with us growing up close to the outdoors in Sand Lake way back in the day. It was a different world then, but elements of it stick with you. Say, I’m not seeing the link to your son’s song. Maybe try emailing it to me at kenmarsh.ak@gmail.com ? Thanks again for checking in!


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