Photos by Ken Marsh

Part the icebergs, trumpeter swans are returning to Southcentral Alaska. These first-of-spring arrivals form the point of a massive northbound waterfowl migration event. More swans will appear in coming days, along with Pacific flyway geese and ducks of all kinds.

Soon the skies here will echo with the brassy calls of many swans; Canada geese, snow geese, and whitefronts will appear yelping in long, high Vs; and mallards, pintails, teal, wigeon and many other species will swarm our thawing marshes and waterways in flashes of iridescent color.

Hang onto your hats folks, with the first swans present springtime will be coming on fast.


2 thoughts on “Sound the Trumpets!

  1. What a fabulous show! Beautiful photos of the most elegant birds on earth.
    I enjoyed so much looking at those Swans.


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