Behold the bohemian waxwing, a lovely bird deserving much better than my reckless punnery. Common this time of year in Anchorage, Alaska, where this bird was photographed yesterday, and where they can be found in flocks of hundreds, the waxwings are drawn largely by late-clinging fruits of exotic trees and berry shrubs like chokecherry and crabapple. They certainly add life to the late-winter landscape in a region that’s now beginning to stir.

2 thoughts on “Waxwing Poetic

    1. Thank you, Kaya. They are such beautiful birds. I had a flock of a couple hundred come to my crabapple tree, so was able to get a couple shots. The birds are a little late this year. Normally we see than right around Christmas. But better late than never! 😊

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