Bunny & Dumplings for Dinner

So, what do I do with those bunnies I hunt? This time, it’s Bunny and Dumplings – good, old-fashioned comfort food. Three bunnies made for a huge pot. Braised for three hours in chicken stock with onion, carrots, celery, garlic, potatoes, some thyme and pepper, the dumplings were added at the end.

The meat (which I boned when tender after two hours of braising) is delicious. Like dark chicken thigh, but richer … close to turkey dark meat. Definitely worth going wild, hunting, and cooking up.

Step 1: Find a bunny.
Step 2: Harvest bunny.
Step 3: Clean bunny meat.
Step 4: Cook bunny.
Step 5: Bunny … er … dinner is served.

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