Hunting March Hares

by Ken Marsh

Yesterday’s trip up Southcentral Alaska’s Glenn Highway started off with winds gusting to 65 mph. I almost turned back, but found Eureka area relatively calm, if cold (around 0 degrees F, not including a light chill factor). It was a perfect afternoon for snowshoeing – and hunting up some snowshoe hares. Some I shot with camera, a few I took with the .22 Henry. The scenery along the way was exquisite.

The immature northern goshawk above, seen yesterday near Gunsight Mountain, followed me for close to a mile. The local snowshoe hare cycle is high and I kicked up many as I walked. The bird used this to its advantage, eventually disappearing into the brush on what I assume was a successful hunt.

Sometimes, the hunt is less about game harvested than getting outdoors and playing a living role in the some the most beautiful country on Earth.

Success of yesterday’s hunt will be measured this evening in a nice meal of hare and dumplings.

5 thoughts on “Hunting March Hares

  1. I have never been in Alaska, the scenery is truly exquisite! It’s peaceful and incredibly beautiful! The immature Northern goshawk is powerful. Interesting that he followed you for a while.


    1. Hi Kaya! Alaska is beautiful year-round, but March can be particularly nice. The days are growing longer and starting to get warmer. The snow sets up making it easy to get around – all in all, a wonderful time. That goshawk was smart. All it had to do was wait and watch for me to kick up a hare. Then, for the hawk, dinner was served.

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